The Ultimate Dashboard Metric

Velocity is the ultimate dashboard metric. The velocity at which your business resources generate free cash flow is the ultimate determination of success.

The realities are simple. If cash flows out faster than in, you must find working capital to replace it. When you can no longer replace it, the business is finished. If cash flows in at a higher velocity than out, you have the opportunity to sustain or grow.

If you measure nothing else, measure and forecast your cash flow. To the extent that you can determine the cash contribution margin of every significant current and planned activity of your business, you have the opportunity to manage your business.

Leading businesses use this information to either fix, fire or exploit their product lines and services for maximum near- and long-term value.

One of my clients doubled their profits within 6 months by using this simple dashboard metric. This set the stage for a doubling in top line revenues over a period of just 48 months.