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Advanced Profit Improvement Analysis (APIA)


  • A typical well-run company may very well be leaving about 2 – 10 percentage points of profit margin “on the floor” through less than optimal decisions.
  • The press of normal day-to-day course of business leaves little time and energy for prospecting for cost reduction and profit improvement opportunities.
  • When improvement projects are found it is highly challenging to get them completed. Project failures often outnumber successes.
  • Projects often fail to live up to the financial projections and everyone suffers.
  • Potentially great ideas to move the business forward are set aside in the day-to-day rush of business.


The Advanced Profit Improvement Analysis (APIA) is designed to address these problems within just a few business days. Our highly structured process guides a small team of your core management through a working session over the course of one or two 8-hour days. The outcome:

1. Improved profits

2. A cohesive plan for moving forward with clear priorities

3. Identified new profit improvement, gaming changing and cost reduction project ideas with dollar values

4. Rehabilitated improvement ideas previously set aside

5. Initial implementation plans for priority projects with estimated bottom line benefits from each

6. Evaluations of top targets by key criteria such as ease of implementation, timing, and profit impact

7. Tangible proof of a rapid cash payback of the Analysis investment and significant ongoing financial returns in the form of initial profit improvement projects ready for implementation

How does the APIA work?:

The process is elegantly simple. You select a team of 5 to 15 middle to top managers who have control or influence over significant company resources. We will guide them through a structured review to identify what could and should be done to improve your business. A typical team will identify hundreds of possibilities that are then distilled into a short list of priorities that are monetized. You then know if your priorities are right, if you are leaving profits on the floor and how to maximize your near and long term profits. Identifying this cash is done in two days or less so take the next steps.

Next Steps:

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