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Our Profit Improvement Process model is uniquely effective because it increases profitable revenue and supports innovation simultaneous with cost reduction

A few examples:

  1. Over $5,000,000 in profits for a small business unit of a large company
  2. In excess of $7,500,000 profits for the first year in a continuous improvement program for a large company
  3. Doubled profits for a $20,000,000 business in less than a year
  4. Generated cost reduction and profit improvement projects worth an estimated $15,000,000 per year with a mid-sized company
  5. Revitalized a 10-year old cost reduction program and more than doubled the results in less than one year - most of which came from new revenue initiatives


Our Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement Consulting:

  1. Reduce costs quickly and effectively with high-impact working sessions
  2. Generate new profits from new revenues
  3. Reenergize and existing cost reduction program
  4. Transition a Six Sigma, Lean, or Lean Six Sigma program to the next generation of sustainable continuous profit improvement


We Accelerate Profit Growth

  1. Imagine for a moment what your company would do if:
  2. Your people came to you with solutions instead of problems.
  3. Collaboration was the order of the day rather than dissension.
  4. Profits were strong and increasing year after year.


Use a phased approach to test and refine profit improvement for your organization

  1. We use a phased stage gate approach so you stay in control
  2. Your management team manages the testing and refinement process
  3. We provide the time-tested guidance
  4. Test the training module and prove that it works for you - generate projects
  5. Evaluate the process, the projects and recommendations from the participants
  6. Refine the model to fit your organizational culture, mission, vision and strategic goals
  7. Prepare a roll-out plan - one business unit; one department at a time or broad scope


This approach assures that the process pays for itself and you are fully satisfied with the scope and direction that your initiative takes

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Here is our approach by company situation and size

You Have an
Existing Continuous Improvement or Profit Initiative

You Do NOT Have a
Current Continuous Improvement or Profit Initiative

  1. Assess existing initiatives against world-class standards
  2. Audit reported results to determine which are real and which are "funny money"
  3. Resolve problems such as a lack of progress or staff resistance
  4. Recommend modifications to maximize benefits
  5. Overcome the limitations of existing programs to move to the next generation of continuous improvement
  1. Assess the need for an initiative
  2. Estimate the potential bottom-line impact of an initiative
  3. Recommend the best approaches) to fit available resources, corporate culture and needs
  4. Cost Reduction Consulting
  5. Profit Improvement Consulting
  6. Install and implement an initiative with your people
This is how we work with companies of all sizes.

Large Company

Smalle - Medium Sized Company

  1. Understand management's concerns and objectives
  2. Assess your needs and opportunities (e.g. profit shortfall, possible profit sources)
  3. Assess resources, corporate culture, style, and objectives
  4. Estimate the cost/benefit of any work we might do to make sure it is consistent with corporate objectives
  5. Make recommendations to management
  6. Implement the initiative and train participants
  7. Monitor and guide
  1. Assess your needs and opportunities (e.g. profit shortfall, possible profit sources)
  2. Initially estimate the cost/benefit of any work we might do to ensure a positive near-term cash flow and profit impact so you can decide what to do
  3. Tailor everything to fit your limited resources and management preferences
  4. Help you with implementation and training to the extent that you need to assure success.  Bootstrapping is a common approach in smaller companies.